Winserts Step 4: Applying the tape

Apply double-sided tape to the outside surface of the frame. This is what the plastic film will stick to.

Begin by peeling a bit of the tape away from the backing, so that you’ll be able to peel it more easily when you’re finished applying it.

Start anywhere on any of the sides and when you’ve gotten all the way around,
overlap about a 1/2″ so that tape can’t peel away. Apply a second piece of tape across the cross piece. Burnish the tape down firmly all around to get best adhesion and push out air bubbles.
Then peel away the backing for both tapes.

Put a piece of tape across the center cross piece and then peel the backing from
that as well.

NOTE: We have found an easier way to install the film: simply apply double sided sticky tape to only one edge, attach one edge of the film to it, then “wrap” the film all the way around the frame. You can secure the three edges by stapling the film and then trimming it. Cover the edges all around with clear packing tape. You can now skip right over to step 6.

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