2015 Garlic and Arts Festival

The following talks happened in 2015:

Community Solar Unveiled, Lynn Benander, of Co-op Power and Adam Thurell of PV²

Allying with the Fungal Kingdom: Simple outdoor cultivation and foraging skills, Willie Crosby, Fungi Ally

Cover Crops for Home Gardens, Sharon Gensler, Wild Browse Farm and Sustainability Center, https://wildbrowsesustainability.wordpress.com/  

Heirloom Madness, Fred Swedberg, that Heirloom Guy

The Basics of Lacto-fermentation, Heather Wernimont, Real Pickles

What’s so Hot about Heat Pumps?, Peter Talmage, P.E.

Building an Affordable High Performance Home, Spartan Giordano, Spartan Solar. Learn more about his home at zeroandbeyond.com

“If You Can Boil Water: Brewing Beer at Home”, Joel Watts, Millers River Hops Exchange

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