Make winserts – the tape method

How to make a WINSERT (winter insulated window insert)
Method adapted and developed by Brian Nugent, 2007

NOTE – most of us at NQE no longer use this method of film installation (we like the “wrap” better), but Brian has some very useful instructions here for measuring and making the frame, shrinking the film, and applying the foam tape.

Read the FAQs here for more general information on winserts and how they work, or click on the links below to go straight to the directions.

Tools and materials
Step 1: Measuring
Step 2: Making the frame
Step 3: Water-sealing the frame
Step 4: Applying the tape
Step 5: Attaching the plastic film
Step 6: Pull tabs
Step 7: Foam tape
Installation and care

One thought on “Make winserts – the tape method”

  1. Hi there. I got my winserts via the Sunderland Energy Committee (I live in Greenfield and grew up in Athol), and I love them.

    Isn’t the tape method an advantage if you puncture one side of the plastic and need to replace it on just that side?

    Also, when you wrap the plastic over the edge, doesn’t that create a less stable surface for the foam tape to adhere to?

    Would you say that the spline method is less aesthetic? I’m trying to picture that dark spline all around the frame. And isn’t the edge of the plastic potentially a bit raggedy-looking, being on the face of the frame rather than the edge?

    I ask these questions in part because I’m thinking about sharing the instructions in a series of energy “lessons” I expect to write for a client with national reach (they serve homebuyers and homeowners). I have a mind to make the instructions available to our audience as a printable download. Would including a simple credit be acceptable to North Quabbin Energy?


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