Winsert tools and materials


  • tape measure
  • hair dryer
  • sharp knife
  • electric screwdriver
  • hand screwdriver
  • staple gun or small nails for attaching tabs
  • miter saw or hand saw
  • table saw, if you need to rip strips to width


1″ pine strips (If you aren’t able to find pre-cut strips, you’ll need to rip 1×6 pine boards into strips of approx. 1 1/4″. See Step 2 for details)
water-based sealer
wood glue
2″ drywall screws
heat-shrink plastic or shrink film (found in do-it-yourself window covering kits; if you can find this in a roll rather than folded sheets, it will have fewer wrinkles at the outset, but either kind will work)
double-sided tape
cloth strips or re-inforced tape for pull-tabs (we no longer use hard plastic tabs – they get in the way during storage)
1/2″ thick x 3/4″ wide foam tape (enough to go around the outside of the winsert frame)

Estimating amounts of materials:

For each winsert, you will need:

Roughly enough plastic to cover each winsert twice over (most heat-shrink window kits include sheets that are about 3′ x 5′, which is enough for most windows)
Enough double-sided tape to go around the exterior face of the frame twice
Enough foam tape to go around the outside of the frame once
Two strips of wood almost as tall as the window, and three strips slightly less than the window’s width (this is roughly how it will look)

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