2013 Meeting Notes – October 16, 2013


NORTH QUABBIN ENERGY MEETING                                                                  

 October 16, 2013

Present:  Pat Larson, Norman Flye, Donna Caisse,  Paul Goyetche,  Bruce Spencer, Judy Northup-Bennett, Janice Kurkowski, Linda Paquette.

1.  Food Brochure Update:

a)  We have ~100 food brochures remaining.  Linda would like everyone to return their undistributed food brochures to her for safe-keeping for next year. Thanks Linda for another successful brochure campaign. 

b) Linda is recommending that we don’t print a brochure next year.  She recommends that:

            1.  We get the information on the brochure to town web sites in the area and use the internet more for promotion.

            2.   We put update stickers on this year’s brochures and distribute them.

            3.  We could also consider reprinting a smaller # of this year’s brochure.

2.  Garlic and Arts Festival Wrap-up

a)  The Presentations were well attended:  On Saturday, Raising Chickens, 30;  Fermentation +40;Native Pollinators 40-50; Solar PV  11.   On Sunday,Biogas  8-10;  Passive Solar, 15-20; Heating Solar Hot Water, (fill-in presentor) 10; Energy Retrofit, 12.

b)  Ideas for next year’s presentations:   People seem to like hands-on workshops. Saving Seeds.  Growing Mushrooms. Solar.  Electric Bicycle Car.  Power Palette. Passive Greenhouses. Composting.  PV2. Integrated Pest Management.

c) Organize exhibits and Presentations by early August so that we can promote them independently of the Garlic Festival.

d) At our table, people loved the Wheel Question game.  Jinx is working on easier questions for children.  Let people choose from 2 levels but make one challenging and the other less challenging.

e)  Display tent:  People liked the table display (thanks Aimee) and the map (thanks Pat) .  Limiting the number of brochures on the table was a plus.  Interesting difference this year: Most people have had energy audits.

3.  Possible Film Showing this winter.  Recommendations include Gasland 2(possibly not out in DVD yet) and Chasing Ice.  Where could we show it?  Possibility of doing it in conjunction with the opening of the new Athol Library energy-efficient renovation. On October 25, 7pm in the Greenfield Community College Cafeteria, there will be a Pioneer Valley Transition Towns’ Film Festival.  We’re hoping that they will show the film made this summer by interns on Athol/Orange solar and energy operations.

4.  Winsert-making Workshop (See the history of North Quabbin Energy’s former Winsert-making Workshops  attached.)

a)  Pat reported interest at the AtholSeniorCenter for a winsert workshop.  Janet reported that National Grid is very interested in subsidizing workshops and/or subsidizing a person who would build customized winserts for people.

b)  There was a discussion about the evolution of winsert construction over the past few years outlining the pros and cons of each system.  Should people come to the workshops with their frames built?  The problem is people just don’t have the equipment.  Do we need to build frames for people before the workshop?  People argued to stay with the simpler, earlier construction techniques for the winsert workshop so that people could make their own more easily.

c)  Janice will report back to Marie McMahon Meehan at National Grid about our ideas.   Where could we have the workshop?  Athol Miller’s RiverCenter, Church Basement.  We could rip the boards in advance so that we would only need a miter box and saw to customize them.  When?  Late January or early February to allow time for promotion. How to promote:  local energy groups, senior centers, Town Calendars, Chamber of Commerce. 

5. Town News:

1.  The Royalston Select Board voted to recommend  the Stretch Code and Solar By-laws. There will be a special town meeting on October 25 for the town voters to approve these.

2.  Wendell and Petersham are starting seed collection banks.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, November 13, 2013 at 6:30 pm at Paul Goyetche house,70 Drury St. in Athol.  No dinner this time.(Thanks Paul for the incredible feast at this past meeting.)  Paul will provide dessert.

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