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Energy Use and Proposed Gas Pipeline Continue as Issues for Area this Fall

The Garlic and Arts Festival took place under blue skies this year with many people attending workshops at the Renewable Energy and Local Living Tent.  Almost 200 people signed letters and a petition to the state legislature regarding the proposed Kinder Morgan/TGP gas pipeline project.  Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) received approval for their pre-filing application from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on October 2, 2014.  See Events for October from NQ Pipeline Action.  Kinder Morgan/TGP will begin holding open houses in towns on the proposed pipeline route in November.

Preparing for Winter

North Quabbin Energy may hold winsert making workshops again in the late fall or early winter.  But if you want to attend a workshop sooner the Gill Energy Commission is sponsoring several workshops this fall led by Peter Talmage.

Workshop – Weatherize Your Home – Saturday, October 25, 9:00 – Noon
FREE – There are many ways to improve the efficiency of your home that can save you lots of fuel. Many of these measures cost little to nothing. Learn these simple methods as well as some of modest cost and make your home easier to heat and more comfortable. Sources of funding and available rebates will also be discussed. The workshop will be led by Peter Talmage, and takes place at the Gill Town Hall, 325 Main Road, Gill. To register call Janet Masucci at (413) 863-8694 or email jmasucci@msn.com

Workshop – Winsert, Make One to Take Away – Saturday, November 8, 9:00 – Noon
FREE workshop, but there will be a cost for materials – “Winserts” are reusable transparent panels that fit snugly inside window jambs to add two extra layers of glazing. The workshop will be presented by Peter Talmage who has been teaching people in the Renewable Energy field at GCC and elsewhere for many years. A properly-constructed winsert can reduce heat loss from a typical single- or double-glazed window by up to 50%, thus more than paying for the cost of the winserts in less than one year.  During the workshop you will assemble a winsert for a window in your own house. In order to have enough materials for everyone’s project, we need to know the size of your window. The participant will pay for the cost of materials only at approximately $1 per square foot of window. Class size is limited to 15, so pre-registration is very important! The workshop takes place at the Gill Town Hall, 325 Main Road, Gill. To register call Janet Masucci at (413) 863-8694 or email jmasucci@msn.com



Renewable Energy and Local Living Tent Set for Garlic & Arts Festival on September 27-28, 2014

Energy and Food Issues — What are people doing?

Workshops at the Energy and Local Living Tent will focus on both energy and food issues which promote clean jobs and projects.  For a schedule of the workshops see Garlic and Arts. For a complete listing of events and vendors at the 2014 Garlic and Arts Festival on Sept. 27-28th in Orange see Garlic and Arts Festival (www.garlicandarts.org/).

One of the workshops focusing on energy — “A Pipeline Runs Through It: Un-Natural Natural Gas” — will include a panel discussion with Ken Berthiaume from Orange, Leigh Youngblood from Mt. Grace Land Conservation Trust, and Steve Kurkoski from the Warwick Town Energy and Buildings Committee.  Panelists will cover the perceived need for new fossil fuel infrastructure, how lands set aside for conservation might be affected, and how this fits in with our global responsibilty towards averting climate change. For the latest information on Kinder Morgan/TGP Northeast Energy Direct pre-filing application (submitted to FERC on 9/15/2014) with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) see www.massplan.org. You can also learn how to register with FERC, make comments, and read full TGP document (about 360 pages).

Other workshops will focus on energy conservation, efficiency and renewable energy projects as well as farming and food issues.  Many of these projects contribute in some way to the growing number of jobs in the “Clean Energy Industry.”  See the 2013 Clean Energy Industry Report posted by Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

Chart from 2013 Clean Energy Industry Report and presented by Ken Berthiaume at the NQ Pipeline Action Forum at the Community Church of North Orange and Tully on August 19, 2014.  For the full report go to the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center website.

Under Gas Pipeline please visit our Actions to TakeResearch and Resources pages for more information and check out the Events page to see what is coming your way on a local level regarding the proposed pipeline.

Speaking Out for Sustainable Energy and Not More Fossil Fuels at Boston Rally

Banner made by Maureen Blasco from Royalston for Boston Rally to Stop the Pipeline.

See Events page for NQ Pipeline Action events and activities in August.

July 30th Rally on Boston Common to Stop the Proposed Pipeline

The buses are ready to roll for Wednesday, July 30th as people travel to the Boston Common and Statehouse to speak out against the proposed Kinder Morgan gas pipeline and speak up for a sustainable and wise energy policy.  This includes saying Yes to — Fix the Leaks, Energy Conservation and Efficiency, and Renewables. 

Check out the Events page to review the schedule for the Boston Rally — both pre-rally activities beginning at 9 a.m. and the Rally speakers starting at 11 a.m.


Stopping the Gas Pipeline and Working for Alternatives to Fossil Fuel Use

NQ Pipeline Action, North Quabbin Energy, the Garlic & Arts Festival Committee and others are gearing up for many events this month and in the coming months.  Watch for many events in July including Climate Summer Bike Riders, who will be in this area between July 20 and July 30.  See Events page and watch for details.  A Rally to Stop the Pipeline will be held on July 30th from 11-1 p.m. on the Boston Common.  rally to stop the pipeline poster

The Rolling March across the state continues until July 26th.  For a complete schedule of the Rolling March  that ends in Dracut, MA go to www.nofrackedgasinmass.org/rolling-march/

Renewable Energy and Local Living Workshops are already set for the Garlic and Arts Festival in Orange for September 27-28th.  This is a good chance for a beautiful week-end in Orange and to learn about alternatives to the continuing use of fossil fuels.

In many ways all these events link together in our work to build a more sustainable world and break the habit of using fossil fuels.


“Stop the Pipeline” Statewide Relay March and Statehouse Rally Planned for July. Write NE Governors about Energy Policies Now!

NQ Pipeline Action planned for more letter writing and a Statewide Relay March to “Stop the Pipeline” at a recent meeting.  People are asked to write to the New England governors to join with energy and environment groups (over 100) that signed on to a letter asking for a full evaluation of a Low Demand Scenario which does not call for building new pipeline infrastructure.  See Right-Sizing_Energy_Infrastructure_sign-on_letter_06.23.2014(1).   A sample letter to governors that individuals should send to all New England governors is available.  See Letter Writing Campaign – NE Governors.   These individual activities give people an opportunity to write letters and get more information about the energy policy in Massachusetts and other New England states.

Collective actions in July include a Statewide Relay March going through towns along the proposed pipeline route.  In this region people will be organizing walks and rallies in each town including: Erving and Northfield – July 14, Warwick and Orange – July 15, Athol – July 16, Royalston – July 17, and Winchendon – July 18th.  A rally at the Statehouse in Boston is being planned for July 30th.

NQ Pipeline Action is part of a statewide coalition being organized — MassPLAN  is a network of people in various towns and regions working together to stop the proposed pipeline.  The statewide petition circulated this spring has over 9,000 signatures.  Help us get to 10,000 before July 30 and sign at http://petitions.moveon.org/sign/massachusetts-petition

Important Note:  If you are new to the issue of the proposed natural gas pipeline by TGP/Kinder Morgan now called the Northeast Energy Direct Project you can check out several websites and watch informative videos.

Check out www.massplan.org, www.nashobatrust.org/pipeline,   www.nofrackedgasinmass.org   All these sites have excellent background information and news from other towns which we are not duplicating on this site.  Instead we suggest that you go directly to other sites.  Also if you missed the forum on the proposed pipeline held on June 3rd at Greenfield Community College you can watch it at  http://vimeo.com/mctvchannel17.



Get New Lawn Signs at NQ Pipeline Action Meeting on June 23, 2014 or Now!

New lawn signs are available through NQ Pipeline Action.  Signs were on display outside the Democratic State Convention on June 14th in Worcester with people from NQ Pipeline Action (Rene Lake-Gagliardi) and people from 350.org/Massachusetts.  Inside people gave out information about the proposed pipeline and other climate change issues.

The new lawn signs are available for $5.00 from Rene Lake-Gagliardi at renelake@msn.  They will also be available at the next meeting of NQ Pipeline Action on Monday, June 23rd at 7 p.m. at the Athol Town Hall.


NQ Pipeline Action Calls for Massive Letter Writing Campaign

At the May 28th meeting of NQ Pipeline Action, the steering committee introduced a major letter writing campaign.   It is important to write letters at this moment.  Personally written letters are better than form letters.  Phoning is a second tier alternative and emailing a third.   But remember, an original letter is the best thing to do.  Write one and send it to all the names. Each of the 30 people at the meeting were asked to talk with friends and neighbors to get 5 other people to also write letters.  See Actions to Take for a sample letter and a list of government officials with addresses.  Some current officials to write to include:  Governor Deval Patrick;  State Reps and Senators in N.Q. area: Rep. Denise Andrews,  Rep. John Zlotnik (Winchendon, Ashburnham, Gardner),  State Senator Stan Rosenberg (Royalston, Orange, Warwick, Erving), State Senator Stephen Brewer  (Athol, Winchendon, Ashburnham),  Rep. Ann Gobi (will be running for state senate in fall);  U.S. Congressman James McGovern, U.S. Senator Edward Markey, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren;  Maeve Valley-Bartlett replacement for Richard Sullivan in Exec. Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs;  and  Ann G. Berwick, Chair of Commission for Department of Public Utilities.

See Events under “Gas Pipeline” to learn about upcoming forum at GCC on proposed gas pipeline.  Also see links to other organizations and websites to learn more about the proposed gas pipeline issues.



NQ Pipeline Action Scheduled to Meet on Wed., May 28th at 7 p.m. at Athol Town Hall

NQ Pipeline Action will hold a meeting on Wed., May 28th at the Athol Town Hall at 7 p.m.  This meeting will hear reports from working groups and discuss getting the message out through lawn signs and letter writing.  Lawn Signs will be available for people.  The steering committee for this group includes: Ivan Ussach, Maureen Blasco, Rene Lake-Gagliardi, Mary King, Moonlight, Ken Berthiaume, and Pat Larson.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) – What Do We Need to Know?

The mission of the DPU is to ensure that utility consumers are provided with the most reliable service at the lowest possible cost, to protect the public safety from transportation and gas pipeline related accidents, to oversee the energy facilities siting process, and to ensure that residential ratepayers’ rights are protected.

The proposed pipeline siting process, electricity rate structures, and protecting ratepayers’ rights come under the jurisdiction of the Mass. DPU.  More research needs to be completed on what is happening now.

DPU and Proposed Pipeline by TGP/Kinder Morgan:  Some people who own land that TGP wants to survey are receiving a second letter from Kinder Morgan stating that TGP/Kinder Morgan are intending to file for property access for surveying though the Massachusetts Department of Utilities (DPU).  TGP/Kinder Morgan can file a request to survey through the DPU.    People who may get a second letter from TGP/Kinder Morgan must know their rights as citizens.  At this point Nashoba Conservation Trust (see www.nashobatrust.org/pipeline/) has up-to-date information about latest TGP/Kinder Morgan letters and information about the Siting Division of DPU which includes a nine member commission. Also check out their very informative page on why this pipeline is not necessary.

DPU and Electricity Rate Structure for National Grid Customers:  DPU reviews and approves the Basic Service procurements of the electric distribution companies such as National Grid.   National Grid came before the DPU in 2009-10 to change distribution charges.  These charges do not include the supply costs.  With deregulation the Retail Electricity Industry has been restructured, and the DPU licenses competitive suppliers and electricity brokers. Getting support for restructuring electricity rates could encourage people to use less.  The Department of Public Utilities is the department in state government that sets electricity rates.  North Quabbin Energy worked on a proposal of incentives regarding rates and gathered regional usage data to help encourage people to engage in conservation and efficient use of electricity. Perhaps it is time to get support for this restructuring of electricity rates.   Such a proposal is in accordance with statements made in DPU hearings that “there is a recent direction in energy policy towards greater promotion and reliance on energy efficiency, distributed generation, and renewable technologies as well as a commitment to address the social and economic risks associated with climate change.” (D.P.U. 09-39, November 30, 2009, Petition of National Grid – Mass. Electric Co., pursuant to G. L. c. 164, § 94, and 220 C.M.R. § 5.00 et seq., for a General Increase in Electric Rates and Approval of a Revenue Decoupling Mechanism)

News From the North Quabbin  — Check out what towns are doing that relate to saving energy and also Green Communities.

Other News:

Wed., May 28th at 7 p.m. at Athol Town Hall — NQ Pipeline Action Meeting

May 5th – Warwick townsfolk passed a non-binding resolution at town meeting to ban fracked gas pipelines.

April 30, 2014 — Orange Selectboard voted to deny Tennessee Gas Pipeline/Kinder Morgan access to survey town lands.