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The Warwick Library now has a complete set of beautiful winserts, made in typical Warwick fashion – by  a number of eager volunteers. Special thanks goes to Jack Cadwell for the meticulous drawings, Michael Humphries for the painted frame stock, Buddy Dyer and Matt Hickler for assembling the frames, a bevy of Warwickians who finished them off with the film and foam, and the ringmaster, Librarian Nancy Hickler, who put it all together.

Warwick won Green Communities designation in late 2014. The Buildings and Energy Committee is now building momentum to weatherize each of the town buildings, install a mini-split heat pump in the Police Station, and re-lamp the security lights at the Highway Department. Winserts in the remaining town buildings are in the works as well. An internet connected programmable thermostat will be installed in the Town Hall, and perhaps other buildings.

Other heating system change-outs are planned further down the road.

Click on this link: Warwick town buildings energy use 2005-2014 to see the results of the mostly low-cost energy reduction strategies we have employed so far. These included different approaches for different buildings: air-sealing, insulation, programmable thermostats, re-building windows, new low-E storms, home-made removable interior storms called “winserts”, burner tune-ups, lighting upgrades, and a general consciouness-raising of the ways we have been wasting energy in the past.

Warwick Community School: Reducing the energy consumption in our school has proven to be elusive. We are mired in the illogical division of capital vs. operational expenses in our school district (PVRSD). See here for a better explanation:  http://www.warwickma.org/documents/bldgenergy/energyletter.pdf

Meanwhile, the 14 year-old roof shingles had failed and were replaced in 2014. While we were at it, the gym roof was air-sealed and sheet insulation was added. Check out the before and after photos of the snow melt pattern on the gym and stage roof:

The snow melt pattern is due to warm air leaking between the roof panels - no wonder the gym is cold!
There are no more ice-dams and the gym is MUCH warmer!





Now, doesn’t this look better?





The Highway Equipment garage is also in our sights. This building was never designed to be heated. Heating load analysis shows that, once insulated, the building would consume only 36% of its current oil use. The estimated pay-back period is 6-7 years with no increase in fuel prices (fuel oil prices have risen on average just under 10% per yr. in the last 8 yrs).


Our Charge: The purpose of the Warwick Buildings and Energy Committee is to assess town buildings and maintenance needs, research options for the select board and Warwick citizens to encourage efficient energy consumption and optimal maintenance of town properties, and encourage Warwick townspeople’s own efforts in renewable energy production and carbon footprint reduction.

Members are Janice Kurkoski – chair, Steve Kurkoski – scribe, Dan Dibble, Jack Cadwell, Mary Humphries, and Matt Sheldon.

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