Local food and farming

Most of us have become aware over the past few years that the food we eat has a “carbon footprint” that includes the pesticides and fertilizers (often petroleum-based) used to grow it and the energy used to process and transport it (often from places very distant from our own tables). As in many places, farmers and consumers in the North Quabbin area have been working to reinvigorate the local and regional “foodsheds” that were dismantled with the age of long-distance trucking and large-scale agribusiness.

Some North Quabbin Resources related to local food and farming include:

  • Greater Quabbin Food Alliance — A group of farmers, community organizations, land trusts, and planners working together to address the food system challenges in our communities,  including the agricultural economy, food access and local food procurement, health, farmland conservation, and education.
  • Quabbin Harvest — A community coop market working to provide healthy food at an affordable price while building community, supporting local agriculture and respecting the natural environment
  • Seeds of Solidarity   — a local organic farm and education center, co-sponsors of the annual North Quabbin Garlic & Arts Festival

There are many more inside our annual North Quabbin local food brochure, updated periodically!  Click below for a PDF of the brochure, or look for the current version in local stores and libraries.

2017 brochure
2016 brochure 2016-NQ-food-brochure-thumb
2015 Brochure 2015-thumbnail
2013 Brochure  2013-brochure-thumb
2012 Brochure brochure cover






One thought on “Local food and farming”

  1. Hi,

    I attended the Local Action for the Climate meeting yesterday and it was shared that North Quabbin Energy would be able to send out announcements to the community regarding various green, environmentally friendly organizations. I did not give a plug at the event, but wanted to see if you would share information on the composting service for food scraps that I have put together. Info on the service can be found at http://www.citycompost.com and service in and around the towns of North Quabbin is priced at $3.50 per week and includes the option to recieve compost back. It would be good to talk more to answer any questions and get the word out.

    I am also interested in being more involved with events such as the one last night moving forward.

    Thank you very much,

    Adam Jankauskas

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