North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival

GAF2013-displayThe North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival, founded in 1999, is a wonderful expression of the talent and determination of people in our beautiful area of north-central Massachusetts. Although the festival has many areas of focus, including (yes) garlic and arts, it’s really a holistic event that tries to “connect the dots” among issues relating to food, creativity, energy, re-skilling, local economics, and community.

North Quabbin Energy has been involved in the festival for many years, running a booth as well as organizing presentations about local energy, agriculture, and other issues. Click below for info about specific years.

Garlic and Arts – 2022

This year the Festival is back.  Enjoy being on the field again where there are great vendors, good food and many other events.   At the North end electric bikes, electric cars and the Portal to the Future with Renewable Energy and Local Living Talks, and “Imagine the Future” activities will be an important part of the Festival.

The links on the G&A Talks page will take you to Renewable Energy and Local Living Talks for 2022 — Speakers and details for each session.

Previous Years —

Garlic and Arts — 2020  Due to COVID-19, the Festival switched to a virtual festival in 2020 and did not have a full festival in 2021.  But the full open large festival returned in 2022.  You can still watch the workshops and other activities on the Garlic and Arts 2020 YouTube Channel.  Click on the link below.

Garlic and Arts – 2019

Garlic and Arts – 2018

Garlic and Arts – 2017

Garlic and Arts – 2016

Garlic and Arts – 2015

Garlic and Arts – 2014

Garlic and Arts – 2013

Garlic and Arts – 2012

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