Barre Energy Advisory Committee members are Jinx Hastings, Howard Hastings, Neil Anders, and Travis Zimmerman. We meet as needed.
To date:
1. In 2011 we became a Green Community
2. We had NGrid come and do many utility incentives…lighting upgrades in many municipal buildings, and pump upgrades at the waste water treatment plant.
3. We had the attic of our library air sealed and insulated with cellulose.
4. We arranged for several information sessions at the library…winserts (thank you Brian), infra red explanation (thank you Neil), global warming presentation by Ray Bradley (thank you Neil).
5. Neil helped organize a very successful winsert workshop (thank you North Quabbin)!
6. At present we will have the attic area of of town administration building air sealed and insulated with cellulose.
7. We expect to have an Energy Management System installed at our library to control the heating and cooling system.
8. We offer energy tips in our local newspaper every week.
9. We have reduced our energy usage by 7% in the past year as documented through MassEnergyInsight and Green Communities.
10. We have placed aluminum “No Idling” signs around town.


The Barre committee’s poster from the Power of Solutions Forum at the Garlic and Arts Festival, October 2011.

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