Climate Disruption Calls for Reduction in Energy Use in U.S.A. — Can We Do It?

North Quabbin Energy Plans Follow-up Projects to March Event on “Local Action for the Climate”

Join Us on April 19th to Continue Work on Local and Regional Projects —  NQE Gathering and Potluck starting at 6 p.m. at Millers River Environmental Center (100 Main St., Athol, MA).  There will be a short film – The Economics of Happiness (20 minute version) with discussion.  Following this there will be discussion and planning which will include updates on town energy activities, the People’s Climate March (D.C., Boston, and Keene), banning plastic bags campaign, legislative up-dates on 100% Renewable Energy, funding questions, and beginning plans for Garlic and Arts Festival.

Local Action for the Climate — Many North Quabbin residents came out to hear Nathanael Fortune, a physics professor from Smith College and a member of the Whately Energy Committee, talk about the “Basics and Science of Climate Change”   on a Sunday afternoon in late March, 2017.

People listened quietly as Professor Nathanael Fortune spoke and emphasized the need to cut our energy use in the United States.  Fortune compared the Earth to a ship and pointed out that we are knocking more and more holes in the ship which means the ship is sinking if we do not plug the holes.  Fortune pointed out that consumers control the demand for energy, and in the United States we use five times as much energy as people in other countries.  In simple terms this means the United States needs to cut its energy use by 50%.  We all have a responsibility to work on this now.

Local projects that help connect the dots regarding issues related to energy use were presented briefly.  Highlights of  regional efforts include switching to  renewables and conserving energy, banning plastic bags, getting involved in strengthening the local food economy, conserving land and farms, getting involved with town energy activities and North Quabbin Energy projects.  Along with talking to neighbors and legislators on all levels, these are projects we can all work on now.


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