2022 — Garlic and Arts Festival Returns October 1-2 — 24 years and going strong

North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival Returns Oct 1 and 2!
24 and Back for More!
Two Days of Peace, Love and Garlic

Travel, shuttle, parking info, schedules of entertainment, activities, and exhibitors: www.garlicandarts.org

Many exciting things are happening at the Garlic and Arts Festival for 2022. Visit the Portal to the Future. Hear speakers on “Renewable Energy and Local Living”, visit Launch Space and other activities.

Portal to the Future

For the past several years the festival has featured a Portal to the Future area at the north end of the site that highlighted some of the ways that art, food, small-scale farming, renewable energy, smart transportation, care for the land, and hand skills all contribute to community-building and local resilience. 

This year we are promoting this theme:  The future is born of our imaginations.  Come and conjure up the world, community and even the you of your fondest dreams.

There are all kinds of things to consider when standing at the “Portal to the Future” and pondering what is to come. One question is, how are we going to get there? . . . Not only in the philosophical, social, and political sense, but also in the physical sense, i.e., how are we going to get around?

It seems certain now that electric vehicles (EVs) will be playing an important role in our lives. The technology behind EVs and the number and variety of makes and models is improving and increasing rapidly. To be sure, new technology brings challenges, issues, and problems that will need to be solved, but the promise of reduced emissions, less dependency on fossil fuels (with their inherent environmental and political problems), and a chance to make progress in the fight against human-caused climate change make EVs an intriguing and likely important part of the solution.

This Chevy Volt powered the Renewable Energy tent in 2019.

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