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North Quabbin Energy is an informal network in north-central Massachusetts, started in 2005, that supports and facilitates communication with people and town energy committees to share ideas and projects concerned with issues relating to energy use.  Through this informal network of people and direct communication we work to educate ourselves and our neighbors about the true social and environmental costs of our current energy consumption patterns. We also work to find ways of changing our individual and collective habits of energy use through conservation, use of renewable fuels, and support for local and regional enterprises that reduce our dependence on imported resources.

North Quabbin Energy was founded in 2005 out of a conviction that our current patterns of energy use are an “issue of issues” – that is, they contribute to many of the economic, health, environmental, political, social, and other problems that we are struggling to address today. We believe it is necessary to think about the connections among these problems. But we also know that it can be overwhelming when we begin to “connect the dots” and to realize how fundamentally our lives will have to change if we take the challenges of climate change, peak oil, and resource inequity seriously. (Some have referred to this as the “Waking-Up Syndrome.”)

This website represents our ongoing attempt to sort out some of these connections and their implications for ourselves. We hope it will be useful to others who may be beginning to think through these issues and to find ways to make positive changes in their energy use and awareness. The links at left will take you to some of the materials and resources that we have found useful and inspiring, as well as to some projects and statements that we have developed ourselves.

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