Home Solar is ready for you!

The time has never been better to take advantage of very low-interest loans, renewable energy credits, and tax incentives for home solar electric installations (PV)! Mid- to low-income households qualify for even more assistance from the state right now.

There are many leasing companies that will put a PV system on your roof for no up-front cost, but this isn’t nearly as good a deal for you as owning your own system. Leasing companies will take all of the incentives (which they usually sell on to other investors) and in exchange you only get a reduction on your electricity rate. Owning your own system means you benefit from all of the incentives plus you get to use all of the electricity your panels generate, before any surplus makes its way to the grid (for which the electric company gives you credit). With a low-rate solar loan guaranteed by the state, your loan payments will most likely be offset by your energy credits and the savings on your electric bill, and of course as time goes by you’ll own your system–usually guaranteed for 20-25 years–free and clear.

Our friends in Warwick and Orange have put together a couple of handouts explaining many of the details of residential solar. See HOME SOLAR IS READY FOR YOU and Home Solar (PV) Facts.

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